About Us

Rimjhim Ispat Ltd is an integrated steel manufacturer with strength of technological and managerial expertise that has been passionately nurtured since its inception.

Headquartered in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh (India), we produce a wide assortment of steel sheets and tubular products which are applicable in numerous industries including construction, automotive, container, appliance, industrial machinery, and oil & gas industries etc.

The name Rimjhim Ispat Ltd has become synonymous with the terms reliability and best-in-class products. Our company’s pointedly defined business strategies have helped us to become a modern, highly competitive steel player in the domestic and global markets.

Our capability to make profits throughout the variations of the steel production cycle is testimony to the success of rigorous business re-engineering and the fostering of a continuous upgrading culture that has entrenched Rimjhim Ispat’s position among the world’s lowest cash-cost manufacturers of steel.

Steel has been an essential material for the evolution of human civilization over the years and it shall remain important far into the future. As a steelmaker, we realize our responsibility to address the imperative needs prevailing in society, such as safety and environmental protection, by producing advent-grade products.