Rimjhim Ispat Ltd

Rimjhim Ispat Ltd is a steel manufacturing powerhouse with an overriding presence in India’s steel ecosystem. An industrious approach and the ability to anticipate future trends are the key factors behind the company’s rising growth chart.

The company’s base is strengthened with pillars like innovation, quality and technological leadership. Rimjhim Ispat boasts of a highly dedicated workforce, comprising of over 2000 workers. Rimjhim Ispat has excelled in producing quality and cost-effective steel and has a product portfolio that caters to diverse needs in the steel market.

The company constantly strives to reinforce India’s economy base by encouraging infrastructural development. The company has marginally attained this goal by implementing sustainable development approaches, leading to comprehensive growth of the country.

As part of the Social Corporate Responsibility, Rimjhim Ispat deploys its resources to develop infrastructure, healthcare facilities, education, water, sanitation, environment and much more in the country. It has also won a number of accolades for these social-welfare initiatives.

Following a steady domestic growth, Rimjhim Ispat is now planning to expand its operations in the global market, applying its expertise through multiple investment strategies and establishing a foothold in the markets. The company not only persistently works to expand in its core areas but also keeps a track of environmental welfare activities.